Why finding expired domain names is important to your business

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So you’ve started a business or you have a business plan or you are already established online; one of the first things you are going to consider is whether you can get a domain name that is suited to your purposes. Whether it be your brand name, your personal name, or name of your product you still have to make that decision. Oh, you’ve decided on a name already? Great.  Is it available? No? Sorry to hear that.
Since nearly all dictionary word combinations in the .com sphere were gobbled up years ago by industrious marketers hoping to one day sell them for big money, one must use an ever increasing creativity in their domain name generation. Unless you want to end up with this-is-my-business-wow-what-a-long-name.com then you will listen carefully to what I have to say about:

Expired Domain Names

Expired domain names often have qualities that businesses spend thousands of dollars and years of continuous work on! Are you familiar with Google Page Rank or the fact that the age of a domain makes a significant influence on how trusted it is? What if you could skip 3 years of paying a SEO (Search engine optimization) professional to build links to your site, get it indexed in all the search engines, build traffic and trust for your brand.
This expired domain name service is far from trivial and if used properly could save you thousands of dollars. Not only that but it could start Making you thousands of dollars with very little work. With all the work from home scams out there that many will spend $6 to $6000 on, with no promise of success, That’s right, NO PROMISE. Well I can promise you that if you follow our directions and read our basic SEO techniques used in conjunction with our expired domain name service that you will get the one thing that every single money making program out there relies on. Website traffic.
Without website traffic no one will ever see your site, click your links or know who you are. Using an expired domain name will guarantee that you will have traffic to your site right away. Why is that? Expired domain names often have thousands of links to them already, expired domain names often have age (respectability) and expired domain names often have Page Rank. All of your work has been done for you in this case. No need to spend literally hundreds of hours building your internet presence and trust or to spend thousands on shady SEO services. Your expired domain name has already had this done in many cases.
What, you don’t believe it? Have a look at this sample list and apply what you know from reading our SEO primer and make your own conclusions. This subscription service that we are offering for between 6 and 20 dollars is one of the best investments you can make if you are serious about making money with your online business.

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Expired domain names with age and pagerank. Sitespotter at www.snatcher.org