– Toronto’s first 100% natural baking company to specialize in gluten-free, paleo, and naturally low-carb bakes.

The Butternut provides paleo and low-carb bakes allowing everyone to enjoy their sweets even those with diabetes and other previously limiting conditions. Imagine the look on a child with diabetes face when they are able to have their first birthday cake..(or a chubby uncle!) Inspiring stuff.


Toronto’s first all natural baking company to specialize in 100% gluten-free, paleo and naturally low-carb bakes.

As a result of the high-demand for scrumptious and nutritious treats, Michelle and Christine searched for a permanent location to make a home for The Butternut Baking Co. Soon after, they found the perfect space to share their bakes and in May 2017 they opened their doors for the very first time at 2743 Dundas Street West in Toronto’s vibrant Junction community. 

This unbiased review is based on scrumptious treats which were provided over two or three holiday occasions. Dsiclaimer: It is my wonderful aunt, uncle, cousins and potential future relative, Michelle who bring this offering to Y’all.