The Moving Blues and mystery pill marathon

Well.. after 3-4 days of backbreaking slaving and lots of help from my folks and Matt.. Where were all my treacherous friends? Good question.. Anyway, the place I was set to move into isn’t ready and may not be or … it was difficult to determine if the owner of the apt even wanted to rent it… WTF? Maybe she has something against white folks.. or crusty bald guys maybe.. Anyway, as is most is on hold, all the servers are in storage. I should have back up in a few days though or maybe tomorrow.. This isn’t much of a rant but I sure as fuck was pissed off earlier… Good thing I was eating all the pills I came across on the floors.. hehe.. most were diazepam (probably saved some lives) and a couple 15mg XR morphs.. Well, that’s it for now.. I’m staying with Corky for a while whilst I search out the perfect abode in ol’ Hamilton.. meh.. nites