New technology enables self-publishing and saves real book lovers

Hurray! For those of us who cannot cope with not holding a real book in our hands while we lose ourselves in story land should rejoice at this promising new product. For a meager 120k you too can own your own Espresso Book Machine and never fear of having to read your favorite authors or deathly boring technical manuals (for those of us who –do- RTFM) on your ipad again! And for authors! Now anyone can dust off their script, screenplay, novel, propaganda, pamphlet and have 100 pages of high quality book produced in under five minutes. Keep in mind that 100 pages is just an example, not a limit.

“For those who do not have a built-in market to sell their books but still want to give self-publishing a try, the Espresso Book Machine is a less expensive option. Printing a book at Oscar’s costs $3 plus three cents per page, and an initial setup fee of $99. A 100-page book costs $5.99 to print. “

Ok, but how is this different from a 10,000$ laser printer he wonders.. ;) Have a look at the full article from the Vancouver Sun below, it also talks about ‘s print on demand service which looks pretty cool as well..