Some pics from the garden area..

Here are a bunch of pics from the garden and back yard at the house on North Oval.. I am in the process of planting a garden, warring with dandelions among other stuff .. I aim to get a hammock up and a server in the shed and ,.. and.. anyway, here are the pics..;)

[nggallery id=7]

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2 Replies to “Some pics from the garden area..”

  1. OK!.. This is the 3rd time i’ve written this and i keep hitting this and that and somehow closing the window…*(&^%^%$.. I will be even more succinct this time.. Tomatoes getting huge (plants), been taking pics of local flowers and nature; will post soon, love your other blog (named, you) .. love your spiritual blog though I haven’t been back since, well a few mins ago and when i posted. Will look at your named blog closer, afraid if i screw around now i’ll lose this msg again, the images struck me immediately, great photos/art, am moving to non basement apt end of month and overjoyed, may lose full rights to tomato farm (heh backyard) but communal garden near new apt, will email you as I’d like to speak in more depth re: spirituality, nature, Tao, Reiki, spiritual dichotomy.., If i have to write this again i will lose my mind..;) Thanks for your comment, hope to chat soon.
    Craig –

  2. thanks for visiting my site and happy that I was there for you! :)
    I dont believe in coincidence, everything happens for a reason. The right things turn up at the right time.

    I love that you are growing, its real magic to watch plants grow, especially when you can eat the produce, and look forward to watching your tomato plant bear huge red globes of sweet flesh. Mother earth provides so much for us. I have another weblog,, I;ll check into to see how your garden is progressing



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