Seven plus or minus two

Here is an interesting thought on what I believe to be a common rule/law in NLP and such.. it rings that bell anyways.. following that is a list that I found amusing and bang on..;) Thanks to Mussie Shore for being part of the google friend connect demo..;)

seven +/- two

Seven, plus or minus two, is the magical range of elements that humans can easily recall. There is an extreme inflection point in the tenth element which yields a collection or pattern which is significantly more difficult to synthesize.

And so this site offers seven +/- two topics. The site will change seven +/- two times a year or, once every seven +/- two years.

– Mussie –

design manifesto

Seven +/- two , non-exhaustive considerations:

  1. One good designer will design a better product than three great designers who can’t agree.
  2. A diverse team, aligned through debate will make an even better product.
  3. You are not done, until you have removed everything possible.
  4. Adding unneeded features is an aggressive act of reverse vandalism.
  5. Icons are meant to be recognized, not read.
  6. Always ask, “what would possess a user to know what they should do next”?
  7. Happy teams make happy designs. The converse is also true.
  8. At the end of the day – there are things that need to be created & manipulated, collections of things which need to be located & shared. That is all.
  9. Screen real estate belongs to the user – not the designer. So be polite.