Cowan Screenart 62-63 Hockey Tiles, 32.

1962-63 H.M. Cowan/Screenart Hockey Tiles Lot of 32

This ia a direct quote from “Vintage Hockey Collector” Price Guide 1910-1990 By Bobby Burrell (the current expert on non mainstream hockey collectibles)

“Although these very attractive hockey tiles were apparently never officially released to the public, quite a number of them did come into circulation and managed to survive. These tiles were originally meant to be sold at the souvenir booths of the NHL arenas. The rumor is that proper licensing was not obtained from the players or teams prior to their production and most of the tiles were destroyed because they couldn’t be sold. The tiles were originally fired in England but they were screened and transformed into hockey tiles in Canada by Screenart. The name HM Cowan is printed on each tile within the design and we believe that this was the artist who created these wonderful hockey player designs. Each tile measures 6″ x 6″ and the cork backing is 3/8″ thick. There are 104 different player tiles from the original six teams in this unconfirmed set. Single tiles vary from $50 – $1000.”

I am no longer in posession of these tiles.
Earl Ingarfield, Harry Howell, Al Langlois, Ted Hampson, Jean Ratelle, Andy Bathgate, Andy Hebenton, Vic Hadfield, Tom Johnson, Bill Hicke, Phil Goyette, Don Marshall, Jean Beliveau, Henri Richard, Boom Boom Geoffrion, Dickie Moore, Red Berenson, Claude Provost, Ralph Backstrom, Lou Fontinato, Bob Rousseau, Cesare Maniago, Gilles Tremblay, Doug Harvey, Larry Cahan, Dave Balon, Bronco Horvath, Gump Worsley, Muzz Patrick, Charlie Burns, Jerry Toppazzini, Marcel Pronovost.

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14 Replies to “Cowan Screenart 62-63 Hockey Tiles, 32.”

  1. I have a bunch of these tiles. Gordie Howe, Tim Horton, Red Kelly, Jacques Plante, Eddie Bower and many more. If your interested let me know.

  2. If anyone is still on this website I have six of those tiles.

    Not on the box but mounted on a wood panel on a set of 3.

    Players are

    Tim Horton
    John MacMillan
    Eddie Shack
    Red Kelly
    Charlie Burns
    Carl Brewer

    Is anyone still collecting these?

  3. Hey..;) Sorry for the slight 1yr+ delay in responding .. tbh, I have no idea. At the time I was selling the ones I had from childhood I did a lot of research.. not sure I came across a Tim Horton, but i’d imagine it to be worth a fair bit.

  4. Thanks so much Bruce, I think we will list on Ebay tomorrow, charmingeffects User ID. I am selling for my brother. I think that they would attract many interested individuals.

  5. The Tiles Would Sell For Between 100.00 To 150.00 I Would Be Interested In The Balfour Nesterenko Macgregor
    I Would Offer 425.00 Canadian I Live In Hamilton
    Please Contact Me If You Wish To Sell

    Thanks bruce

  6. I have 8 tiles Chicago, See names below, All signed H.M. Cowan
    Ken Wharram- Chicago
    Bill Hay -Chicago
    Chico Maki -Chicago x2
    Murray Balfour- Chicago
    Eric Nesterenko-Chicago
    Bruce Macgreger -Detriot
    Vic Stasiuk -Detroit

    Would anyone know the value of these beautiful tiles
    Thank you

  7. We have 22 of these tiles from various teams.(cleaning out Grandpa’s basement)
    You mention that they range from $50-$1000
    How do you find out the price range on each one?
    Thank you

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