I love Felicity Jones.. and Roxy Music .. and..

the song by Roxy Music.. all can be seen here


‘If there is something’ by Roxy Music in that flick just blew me away.. i’ve been listening to that song for days.. the whole start off like a hick jug band biz then kick into the warbling vocals.. and the psychedelic cornet hitting some dark off-keys and the vocals and the feeling.. Now put it together with the movie ‘Flashbacks of  Fool’ with Daniel Craig, a bong.. err bond boy.. and a great storyline with some real.. emotion/feeling.. to it.. either way.. that movie rules as does the track.. <3

This is the song in question.. You have to go to like 2 or 3 mins  (sorry, 1:40 is where it kicks off) in for it to go from psychedelic country to the good shiz..;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au8cCvGk9eU

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I came across this online virus scanner earlier and decided I should have an online tools section on the site. This online app uses multiple (lots!) of  different AV engines and tools to check the uploaded file.. it also supports tons of languages and other great features.. If you want to check one or 2 files then this is the way to go, it is not meant as a replacement for your regular A/V mind you.

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