Necrovision DX10 crash on launch after update.

I found this solution on the forums to fix the issue where Necrovision DX10 crashes on launch after the update to v1.1.

just copy this atidxx32.dll into your folder where the .exe file is located.

this will solve the problem without installing catalyst 9.2

via DX10 crash on launch – Official 1C Company forum.

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How to make directories writable in Ubuntu or most other distribs

Re: How to make directories writable?

Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal


sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/lampp/ for example


sudo chmod -R (for recursive ((don’t type this))) 755 is a bit safer as it does not allow a folder to be world writable. What that’d look like without my mess is:

sudo chmod -R 755 /public_html/wp/etc/etc

Or if you are logged in via FTP as the user that owns the web folders then you would usually right click (if you’re using a graphical FTP client) on the file or folder and either add the writes where you want them or in some cases just type the 755/777 etc.

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