Business Insider: THE OTHER BORDER ‘CRISIS’: While America is fixated on Mexico and the wall, thousands of migrants are fleeing for Canada in a dramatically different scene

The migrants have no option other than arrest. A longstanding legal pact between the US and Canada — called the Safe Third Country Agreement — means that migrants have to cross illegally if they’re coming from the US and want to request asylum. If they request it at an official Canadian port of entry, they’ll be turned away and told to make their claim in the US, where they arrived first.

Google Assistant now controls your Roku devices

Roku and Google assistant

Google Assistant now controls your Roku devices
Hey Google, save me the trouble of finding the remote.
After a few weeks of waiting, Roku’s promised Google Assistant control is here. If you’re using a TV or player running at least Roku OS 8.1, you can link the Google Home app to your Roku account and control core functions using only voice and an “on Roku” suffix. You can launch channels, search for shows and control playback on most devices, while TV owners can turn on the set, adjust volume or switch inputs.

The phrasing can occasionally get awkward — it’s not intuitive to say “hey Google, pause on Roku” when you have to answer the door. This won’t do anything if you prefer Alexa and other assistants, for that matter. Even so, it’s helpful for those moments when you can’t find the remote or want to launch a channel before you’ve taken a seat. scan for HTTP, Flash, HTML5, CANVAS cookies, SSL/TLS and HTTP security

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