One reason Buddypress avatar upload failed.

Ok, so on a fresh mind I went looking for the mysterious hiding place of the uploaded profile avatar.. I was able to view image info and saw that it was in a folder that at first glance did not exist in my Wp hierarchy .. I guess I missed a /wp/ in there but finally noticed and was able to, under ‘Miscellaneous Settings’  or ‘Settings/Miscellaneous’ from the WP-admin panel. I noticed that

‘Store uploads in this folder’ was set to etc/etc/etc/          – Removed the extra /wp/ found the files and copied them to the proper location and voila, avatars are working…;)  now  upgrading to WordPress 3.0…

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  1. Peter: Sorry, I must have absolutely spaced on that. buddypress avatar upload worked after whatever i did there in non exist settings/misc land. Also to make buddypress avatar upload work I removed entirely wp-super cache.

  2. There is no such thing as ‘Miscellaneous Settings’ or ‘Settings/Miscellaneous’ in wp-admin. What are you talking about here? Where is that ‘Store uploads in this folder’ setting?

    Trying to get avatar upload to work in Buddypress 1.1.3 on WordPress 3.0…

  3. Updated also to 3.0, not much difference, but a good app alaround, Gotta take look see at that file you speak of.

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