Listen to music on android with the screen off and switching to Firefox 2018/09/03.

This is about the 5th time I’ve looked up how to listen to music on my phone with the screen off and you know what they say about writing things out to aid retention.. So here we are. This time I found the easiest way was to fire up the YouTube link in Firefox then add this extension.

This extension worked without a hitch and I was able to just toss my phone in my pocket and go. Am running Android 8 ish.. nevermind. it’s 8ish. I’ve gone to check the phone 3 times now and have gotten distracted.. Ok, it’s 8.0.0. The song I wanted to listen to on the go was:

Placebo – Running Up That Hill (Whitesquare’s Closing Down Re-Edit)

Great track. If you are on the fence about Firefox then you may want to give this a quick read A lot is said there that supports my reasons for moving away from Chrome.