Intel Entry Server Board SE7230NH1-E

I picked this and another server up the other day but haven’t had time to really sort it out. I am moving at the end of the month and am a bit rushed to get all the pieces together. Here are a few pics of the madness in my apt atm. Pics to come..

Intel® Entry Server Board SE7230NH1-E – Intel® Entry Server Board SE7230NH1-E support.

And more info———-

And More—————- And the PDF d23185005_se7230nh1e_user_guide

Release Notes (pdf)

This download contains the BIOS update for the Intel® Entry Server Board SE7230NH1-E for use with a bootable DOS media.

Download the file into a temporary directory and extract the files. File Content:

NH72310J[1].86B.1297.IB.EXE -> can be used to create a bootable floppy with all files needed to update the BIOS.

IFLASH.EXE, NH1297P.ITK, NH1297P.BIO -> contains the IFlash utility, BIO file and ITK file. Use on a bootable media to flash BIOS.

Release Notes.pdf -> Release Notes for the BIOS update package.

– Boot the system to setup and press F2 to enter the setup, then load defaults.
– boot to dos, run
choose NH1297P.BIO to do bios update.

English: Download
Ver:1297 Date:10/17/2006 Size:1850 (KB) Time @56Kbps:4.28 min
OS:DOS, OS Independent

This download is also valid for the products listed below. Use the links below for additional product downloads:
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  1. Sorry, Sekhar, I neglected your question. I purchased the board from a friend. I would imagine that ebay or craigslist etc would have a seller for you.

  2. Since writing this I have the board in a case, bought 2 opteron 280’s? I think on ebay for 50$ (which was cheap ((i hope they work))) and have it generally ready to go except for the 2 proc fans.. The board came with 2 huge solid copper heat-sinks that might keep it cool enough to see if it posts… famous last words.. Soon though..;)

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