‘Craig Ryder’ s Unite

Calling all ‘Craig Ryder’ s .. more to come on this when i wake up.. Craig..;)

More:  We have a new Craig Ryder (here)  now so watch out! He will be Southern Command and a part of  ‘Craig Ryders for global domination and Subset Equality (subset=(name, location) where (name=Craig Ryder))

Me:  (blog guy) Craig Ryder – Near Toronto, Canada – Spiritual leader of the people, Northern Command, Webmaster. Note: The buygodslove.com domain got scooped when I was inattentive. Buygodslove is now at http://buygodslove.ca

Craig Ryder – Supreme Commander of The Southern Hemisphere, Hayman Island, off of the coast of Queensland, Australia in the Great Barrier Reef.

More to come..

9 Replies to “‘Craig Ryder’ s Unite”

  1. Beauty mate. When we spoke the other week I missed that you were on an island.. A great step indeed! How do you reckon the native population will take to your rule? As we (mid-eastern .CA) are aboot to enter into 5-6 months of winter, I must ask.. How many cold months do you get? Cold being below 70/20 deg/f/c?

  2. Craig Ryder Supreme commander of the Southern Hemisphere here again.
    I have moved from the city of Brisbane to Hayman Island in the Great Barrier Reef.
    It is off of the coast of Queensland, Australia. Step 2 of our world domination is near complete.
    1. Instigate craigryder.com domain, to spread the our message.
    2. Secure an island in the Pacific, as a base for our Southern lair.
    3. Procreate with Jennifer Hawkins Miss Universe 2004, to ensure an heir to the Southern Throne.
    4. Negotiate the return of Johnny Cash in exchange for Justin Bieber.

  3. Greetings, Craig Ryder; Supreme commander of the Southern Hemisphere!.. been a while since I checked my blog here.. been subjugating the masses and tormenting the daft.. *grin*.. been building world of warcraft private servers of late.. techin back into web supremacy.. Called my realm/corpo. WowWhores.no-ip.org (temp addy) following in my vein of dark parodies and such.. i was self hating for whoring my life to World of Warcraft.. its that addictive, 5mil+ people play.. etc.. so wowwhores is my commentary.. like facialbook.net as an Asocial social networking site. Sign up now! the place where -nothing- happens….ever! hehe.. me and my backward ass marketing.. fornication.. it’s late-ish here.. I was just chattin a guy from a town called woy woy 2 hrs north of Sydney as it happens when I saw this.. he’s proposing to…err better keep it quiet.. Anyways, he must be one of your subjects..treat him well..:) hehe.. I found a Craig Ryder who was born at the same hospital around the same time as me.. have yet to exterminate him.. There can be only 1 (per hemisphere).. for bow anyways.. Anyways m8.. i never really run these WP sites with users.. maybe u should actually sign up on facialbook.net and we can keep in better touch than this way..although it is kinda fun like thus.. meh.. maybe i’ll start plannin a trip to .au..got 3 mates there now.. plus all the foxxy females you harbour in your hemisphere.. Anyway.. chemical_ at hot mail is my msn.. i guess i should build an asocial chat client for facialbook to avoid all the …and away he went…take care m8

  4. Well Craig,
    All is going quite well here in the South. The Southern hemisphere seems to be chugging along quite nicely. We are warm here through Christmas and you are not. I have asked around and…well…can only find other Craigs but not Craig Ryders. I did find a Greg Ryder. I do not think that is realy ok though. Unless he was like in a crowd with us and he had a bit of an Irish accent or something, ten people may be tricked into thinking he was a Craig Ryder. Although we would know it was not the case. My bank always asks what town I live in which makes me think there is another Craig Ryder with an account at my bank but who lives in another town than me. But they will not tell me. Sometimes I say the name of another town like Sydney or Melbourne or Birdsville or Wangarrata or Coolangatta or Mullumbimby or Wooloongabba but they always say ‘sorry’ and then I always just say my real town because I sorta get worried that they will close my account. Perhaps one day I will find where this other Craig Ryder resides and I will communicate with him. Until then…I shall continue on my way.

    Craig Ryder – Supreme Commander of Southern Earth
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

  5. I think we’ll need to either do a Craig Ryder Mind Meld and become one ultimate Craig Ryder in mind in order to rule peacefully or.. get together and drink pints of beer until we achieve same result.. I wonder where the rest of us are? If you have websites etc feel free to link em, Craig Ryders! or if you want email addresses here let me know and I’ll make some.. or maybe even subdomains for each of us.. meh.. Anyways.,.,got any ideas, bring em on..;)


  6. Um. That was me the dude from Australia who posted below.
    Should have clarified.
    Hmmm. Guess as ruler would not have to clarify anything.
    Just guessing.

    Craig Ryder – Supreme Commander of Southern Earth
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

  7. I will look after the Southern Hemisphere you can have the North.
    Betwix us both we can make a change.
    We can make it right.
    We, Craig Ryder’s, can rule the world.

  8. Greetings mate.. looks like it’s just you and I so far… hehe… not sure where I was going with this .. i wonder if there are enough of us for world domination?

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