‘Craig Ryder’ s Unite

Calling all ‘Craig Ryder’ s .. more to come on this when i wake up.. Craig..;)

More:  We have a new Craig Ryder (here)  now so watch out! He will be Southern Command and a part of  ‘Craig Ryders for global domination and Subset Equality (subset=(name, location) where (name=Craig Ryder))

Me:  (blog guy) Craig Ryder – Near Toronto, Canada – Spiritual leader of the people, Northern Command, Webmaster. Note: The buygodslove.com domain got scooped when I was inattentive. Buygodslove is now at http://buygodslove.ca

Craig Ryder – Supreme Commander of The Southern Hemisphere, Hayman Island, off of the coast of Queensland, Australia in the Great Barrier Reef.

More to come..