Common Unix / Linux file permissions – quick reference

The most common permissions include:

400     r——–       files (won’t let you accidentally erase)

444     r–r–r–      files (lets everyone read)

600     rw——-     files (no one else can read or see files)

644     rw-r–r–      files (owner can read/write, group read, public read)

664     rw-rw-r–      files (owner can read/write, group read/write, public read)

666     rw-rw-rw-     files (owner can read/write, group read/write, public read/write)

700     rwx——          programs and directories (Owner r/w/execute)

750     rwxr-x—          programs and directories etc

755     rwxr-xr-x          programs and directories etc

777     rwxrwxrwx     programs and directories etc


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