Facialbook.net is down for renovations

Oops.. Last night facialbook.net crashed and should be back up in a day or two. Well, it will be back up in a day or 2. Sorry for the inconvenience. OK, Still down-ish.. almost going to start fresh then import the userbase again.. meh.. if anyone reads this tell them rest.. hehe

Test post and site announcement

Things just got a whole lot more complex around here.. I’ve added a social element to the blog using Buddypress. Am working on the avatar issue and generally tweaking things, so please let me know if any functionality is affected..

New Web Note

Nvidia launches second generation of portable gadget Tegra processors Qualcomm ships its first dual-core Snapdragon chips Announced at the Computex 2010 trade show in Taiwan, the third generation Snapdragon chip sets has two application processor cores running at up to 1.2 gigahertz. The names for the new Snapdragon chip sets are the Mobile Station Modem …