Finally got SE7230NH1-E working and almost ready to become a..

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Well it took a while but I finally got the board I mentioned in this post working and in a case and ready to become a media center of sorts.. 4G of ram, dual Gbit, crappy PCI vid card w/outs. Will maybe toss in a haupage or sat card.. have a remote wonder plus that I’ll give a go as well.. Hoping to get a version of Linux on it since constant tripping over the S-Video cable from comp to TV bent the PCI-E slot mostly right off the board.. Damn hard to find a used ASUS K8N4-E Deluxe board to replace it..:(

Oh. Newest Ubuntu from the …backports or sketchy or bleeding edge or whatever repo killed my video.. *twitch*.. aww the poor Linux .. box (That’s an old pic. it’s even more depressing now..;)

K8N4-E Deluxe Ubuntu 10.10

Default Logins and Passwords for Networked Devices

A little something that might come in handy some day..;)

Are you having trouble getting into a device? This listing is only provided as a resource to network administrators and security professionals.  The manufacturers of the listed devices, software or systems are not to blame for this problem, and we are not trying to discredit them or their products. A default login is a means for an end user of a product to complete the initial setup of the device or system. Most manufacturers strongly recommend their end users change these logins and passwords for security reasons.

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Best Video Card for your Money : August 2008 | Hardware Revolution

Best Video Card for your Money : August 2008 | Hardware Revolution.

This article though slightly dated (3 months old) helped me to decide to buy the 4850 which i’m now considering returning (3 days later) for the 4870.. for no real reason.. just thinking that the extra 100 bucks might be well spent.. more to come on that

So.. I ended up with the Sapphire ATI 4870 1G card in the end and am pretty happy with it.. except.. There always seems to be an except in my hardware purchases… I was watching a vid comparing the ATI vs NVidia w/PhysX of the game .. ‘Mirrors Edge’ and was somewhat horrified to notice the extra pretty effects generated by the physX bits. Flapping gauzy banners and extra pretty exploding glass and the like… I guess it will do though.

I had to RMA my BFG 8800GTS OC2 640M due to a typical ‘i’ll just see if i can’t wriggle the dvdr ribbon cable out from underneath the end of the card without taking out the screws type deal and lost a capacitor in the process.. like i said though, this sort of thing happens alot. Like when i was happily spraying  compressed air into my power supply while it was running and the little air tube shot off into the fan and broke one of the tines off.. Granted it took a while before my whole desk was shaking from the now unbalanced fan..sigh..