Finally got SE7230NH1-E working and almost ready to become a..

Work area, Servers and Computers Well it took a while but I finally got the board I mentioned in this post working and in a case and ready to become a media center of sorts.. 4G of ram, dual Gbit, crappy PCI vid card w/outs. Will maybe toss in a haupage or sat card.. …

New technology enables self-publishing and saves real book lovers

Hurray! For those of us who cannot cope with not holding a real book in our hands while we lose ourselves in story land should rejoice at this promising new product. For a meager 120k you too can own your own Espresso Book Machine and never fear of having to read your favorite authors or deathly boring technical manuals (for those of us who –do- RTFM) on your ipad again! And for authors! Now anyone can dust off their script, screenplay, novel, propaganda, pamphlet and have 100 pages of high quality book produced in under five minutes. Keep in mind that 100 pages is just an example, not a limit.

“For those who do not have a built-in market to sell their books but still want to give self-publishing a try, the Espresso Book Machine is a less expensive option. Printing a book at Oscar’s costs $3 plus three cents per page, and an initial setup fee of $99. A 100-page book costs $5.99 to print. “

Ok, but how is this different from a 10,000$ laser printer he wonders.. ;) Have a look at the full article from the Vancouver Sun below, it also talks about ‘s print on demand service which looks pretty cool as well..

Default Logins and Passwords for Networked Devices

Default Logins and Passwords for Networked Devices

Are you having trouble getting into a device? This listing is only provided as a resource to network administrators and security professionals. The manufacturers of the listed devices, software or systems are not to blame for this problem, and we are not trying to discredit them or their products. A default login is a means for an end user of a product to complete the initial setup of the device or system. Most manufacturers strongly recommend their end users change these logins and passwords for security reasons.

New Bluetooth standards to bring speed, energy efficiency, exploitation

This is good news for those obsessed with gadgets .. Caller display on your watch, vibrating ring when your phone leaves your vicinity.. This is a great fun technology that has some dark areas that I intend to explore over the next week or two. New Bluetooth standards to bring speed, energy efficiency | Macworld. …

Best Video Card for your Money : August 2008 | Hardware Revolution

Best Video Card for your Money : August 2008 | Hardware Revolution. This article though slightly dated (3 months old) helped me to decide to buy the 4850 which i’m now considering returning (3 days later) for the 4870.. for no real reason.. just thinking that the extra 100 bucks might be well spent.. more …