Some things to do while avoiding packing.

So things are everywhere but packing is near as complete as it will get.. below left is the new place and the bright green kitchen. below right is the living room with a nicer shade of brown. Stuff is piling up and tomorrow is the day of days so to speak..

That is why I’m blogging..:) Blogging is a good thing to do while avoiding packing.

I said ‘some’ .. I meant one. for now. I must go and pack. i will report back if I find another.

Moving day, some gear, a quote and etc

So it’s nearing Moving day again.. You can all likely sympathize .. whether you do or not is irrelevant. I hate it.. If you’ve followed the site at all you’d know that I always post half-ass image sets with each move.. I have been so far remiss however.. Maybe because my Z6W is nearing end of term and starting to decay.. Anyway

So far, I have a CanonScan LiDE 100 to bitch about at some length with regards to its flakey OCR to search-able PDF.
Leaving the house of noise, made famous by the long initial absence of a couch.. those were my photographical minimalist (years) weeks. The new place is local, on a much quieter street, freshly painted (I wish I had gotten before pics..) will have photos of the new paint though tomorrow..It’s bright!.

The feeling of being a lone man at desk as seen from a distance… What else.. new apt pics.. OH..
This is going to be one of the easiest moves ever! Probably some other stuff too..;) Will post some pics tomorrow.. Oh, and now the quote..

“The way you perceive your life depends on how closely you’re willing to look. If you consider only the surface of things, it can all seem pretty messy. But if you look long enough, then you will see the order behind it all. “

“Today, remember that chaos is the misperception that there are no connections. In fact, everything is connected. Everything.”


So, after a long couch-less time we went and got some more stuff from storage for the apt. James was by this am and complained about the visitor seating.. i figured that the more discomfort.. the shorter visit.. heh now I have my couch.. if anyone i know reads this.. don’t get any ideas..;)

Working on the new apt.


Picture 1 of 20

Old place..

Moving sucks.. 31 days in and 2/3 of my stuff is still stored.. I just started on the living room / tech room earlier.. this is a pic.. In a couple extension cords and 2 or 3 power bars, a trip to storage etc things will kick ass.. At least the bed is out of the living / tech room..;) This is a very preliminary pic. Well, pics.. old and new.
You know what..i’m just going to link to the album