We Will Extend Our Lives but Not Attain Immortality, Says Anti-Aging Researcher

We Will Extend Our Lives but Not Attain Immortality, Says Anti-Aging Researcher



Eric Verdin, a world-leading researcher on aging, recently shared what he has learned about the future of growing old. While Verdin views immortality as a fairy tale, he said that many promising methods for extending life are being studied.


The Population Reference Bureau has projected that the percentage of the population over the age of 65 will rise from the current 15 percent to a staggering 24 percent by 2060. This means that research into aging has never been more important.

Eric Verdin is at the forefront of this research and has become the President and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. The institute is the world’s biggest independent research facility studying the causes of growing old — and how to combat them. Recently, he conducted an interview with Nautilus to discuss how aging is effecting our lives.

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Verdin believes that the explosion in age-related research is due to researchers’ discovery in the 1990s that aging is not necessarily an inevitability. Instead, it is caused by mutations — and scientists could make changes to the genome of other species that led to a lifetimes of up to twice as long. Verdin stated in the interview this resulted in a belief that “there might be pathways to regulate aging, and if there are pathways that means there are proteins, and that means you can eventually develop drugs.”

Despite this, he says, “if you hear the word immortality, just run. There is no drug that can give you that.” While Verdin believes we can increase the average human lifetime significantly, the fountain of youth is still just a fairy tale. “It’s just nonsense from my perspective, and I think we should really resist the I-word.”

The best way to maximize your lifespan, he said in the interview, is to maintain your body well. Good nutrition and exercise are “incredible anti-aging medicine.” His general advice is to treat the cause rather than the symptom with a combination of lifestyle and pharmaceutical treatments — to fight aging itself rather than dealing with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or macular degeneration when they occur.


The human attraction to immortality has been present in our cultural landscape since the beginning of time — the human mind seems to be unable to resist its lures. There are countless myths and stories based on it: the fountain of youth, the Wandering Jew, the philosophers stone, and the Bible’s Enoch are a few examples.

Recently, this mystical desire has birthed a myriad of promising methods for reversing the aging process which are currently under investigation: from transfusing young people’s blood into older people to give them more osteopontin, to digging into the role telemores play on the aging process, to developing anti-aging, bacteria-based pills.

However, when our increasing life expectancy is combined with the decrease in fertility that many nations are facing, the results are an aging population. In an interview with CNN, Elon Musk pointed out why this is undesirable, saying it causes a “very high dependency ratio, where the number of people who are retired is very high relative to the number of people who are net producers” — an economically detrimental state of affairs.

Due to technological and therapeutic advancements, aging is looking less like an ugly inevitability of our condition and more like a new and exciting epoch in our lives. However, we must ensure that longer lives for people do not come at the expense of the environment, economy, or wellbeing of others.

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Now.. I wasn’t sure if ..well read the top of the post. Anyways.. this is a little offbeat for this joint but.. yam spiritual, ya feel?!

First of all I would like to see who posts these questions, whether it is a real person or a robot that creates badly written questions based on some criteria. Don’t get me wrong.. if a real person wants to know something and I can help.. I’m all in. On the other hand if a robot is creating these questions in order to build content for this or a network of sites the I will be somewhat aggravated as should everyone else who takes the time to write an insightful answer.  Look at the question..  I only mention because I am familliar with the above mentioned technique as a webmaster. As to the question..

chakras and energy matrix
Yes, 7 main chakras as mentioned. From the base of the spine to the top of the head. The Merkaba (the star of David) is a representation of 2 triangles as ‘arrows’ pointing up and down while overlapping. This signifies (one thing it signifies anyways) the raising of energy upwards from the lower chakras (Base needs, fight or flight, raw sexuality, raw energy or sea of chi at 3rd) towards the more ‘refined’ upper 4 chakras starting with the Heart chakra. The 2nd triangle pointing down is, I believe, an indicator to us that one should apply the lessons and energy of the higher chakras to mediate the raw/crass energy of the lower 3.  The chakras also correspond with the 12 main meridians  or energy pathways that connect our organs and carry Chi / ki/ qi etc.. throughout the subtle body. This is seen in accupressure/puncture/reiki/shiatsu. Also the practise of raising the Kundalini using Tantric Yoga or Sex Yoga (It is used not for base sexual gratification, rather as a means of ‘uniting’ 2 souls and raising the consciousness of the pair through what would appear to a passer by as very boring looking sex) The aim is to cleanse each chakra, starting at the base and gradually moving up through all chakras until the pathway is clear and ready (awakening the kundalini without working through all chakras first can lead to ‘failed awakening’ and/or possibly harm to ones mental stability). Not to worry thought.. it is unlikely that you will awaken the Snake inadvertently.

I’d also mention the lesser chakras in palms of the hands and soles of the feet.. For instance, Reiki supposes the entry of energy through the crown chakra which then flows from the hands of the practitioner to the subject. One might experience this as heat or cool or tingling or as a feeling of magnetism either pushing apart or drawing together. One might experiment with this by tickling the center on the palns gently to bring notice to the spot then hold the hands 3inches apart and move them slowly towards and away from each other or  in small circular motions while recalling the tickle feeling and imagining light or energy emanating from each palm.. One might also run a hand above the heart, solar plexus or above and below the belly button (or any other chakra). One might do this after meditation or while laying in bed before sleep. Pets also seem to appreciate good energy and don’t need to be asked if they will accept your ‘attention’.
Sorry if this answer is a bit choppy.. trying to write a short generic bit on chakras is difficult. Basic chakra work can be as easy as visualizing each, starting from the base, as their colours, vibrant and clear or as pure golden spinning disks. Best to have some guidance though, energy work is not to be taken lightly.:)

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I’m going to write a whole bunch more on this topic, my experiences with reiki, energy, chakras, spi.. well u know.