New hope for quitting smoking, forever!

How many of us at this moment, wish more than -absolutely- anything, that we could quit smoking right this instant? I do. Cigarette smoking is just as or more addictive than heroin.. Does raising the prices, changing the names and hiding them out of sight in the variety store change anything? Not much. Has anything worked for you in the past, permanently?

My most successful quit was for about 5years maybe.. I am almost certain that that ‘off-time’ started out with Acupuncture in various bodily spots then little stick on / plug in bits in the ears on the ‘craving centers’ to go. Instructions: press the pins when you get cravings.. I was working at one of my least favourite places at the time, depressed, Hot and sticky in typical .ON summer.. what seemed like the absolute worst conditions to stop smoking.. My best friend at the time (20yrs ago) lasted about 5 months, which was still incredible based on his previous habit. I managed a few years. I know it is time again to end the habit for good (at least another 5yr stretch) .. that little inhaler device looks like a good way to go.. It’s funny, Continue reading “New hope for quitting smoking, forever!”