Augmented Reality browser for Android devices by

OK, I saw a press release for these guys then read up their site and pretty much lost my mind and had to contact them in a slightly tongue in cheek / overtired email at 4:30am (10:30am ish Amsterdam) going off about how cool and revolutionary a ‘product/service’ they have come up with and how they -must- allow me to work with them and likening their bits to the order of magnitude changes when we moved from BBS’s to the eventually graphical internet. (among other rantings). I was slightly taken aback when I got a reply within 10mins saying we should skype chat soon. Wow.. Here was a group of people (Well the one woman and co-founder to whom I spoke anyway, Thanks Claire) who as far as I’m concerned are changing the world as we know it.

Basically it’s an AR browser that’s had a wide adoption in europe and asia and of course the netherlands. It is based on geolocation data and they allow people to create ‘layars/layers’ (of reality) where one could create something like ‘find a variety store in hong kong’ or similar such searches for ones’ own area.  So the domain reg process starts..(although i usually swear off regging domains sober) I may have to make an exceprion (may not).

So I guess i’m off to find a crackhead to steal me a nice shiny new Android device.. or maybe just kijiji..

They have a limited number of dev licenses at the moment and one can sign up for one here There is also a teleconf/gotomeeting tonight 9/3/2009 at 7pm CEST geared to developers that I am going to try and catch. Anyway, thats it for now..;)

Craig / Chemmyone