And I found this.. re re-arming vista to use slmgr -rearm

go to regedit and search for the key : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionSL .

Than on the right hand you see SkipRearm. change the SkipRearm value to 1.

if you have done that you can use slmgr -rearm 8 more times .

so if you done the first time 3 times slmgr -rearm than you have 120 days .
than 8 more times is 240. 120 days + 240 days = 1 year .

I guess after using a couple shady vista activation bits to no good end it’s back to this trick.. this one lets you re-rearm a few more times .. anyway.. now my a/v and vista are fixed..hurray.. hehe

Note: it still mentions that I may be the victim of Software Counterfeiting and that just makes me feel *giggle* awful…

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