How to Tell What Version of Ubuntu You Are Running

Thanks to the how to geek for this one..;)

Telling what version of Ubuntu you are running is extremely easy. You would commonly use this command to figure out if you are running Edgy after you upgraded from Dapper.

cat /etc/issue

Ubuntu edgy (development branch)

Note that the version numbers might change over time. I’m running the beta version so that’s what shows up when I run that command. Either way, it should be clear that you are running Edgy.

Wonkette : KFC Covertly Jacking Up National Health Care Costs With Terrifying New Monstrosity

Holy Shit!

KFC Covertly Jacking Up National Health Care Costs With Terrifying New Monstrosity

You won’t find a word about it on the KFC website, or in most regional advertisements, but out in the mysterious moon colony of Omaha, the televisions are advertising a new sandwich. This is the only footage known to man. Believe it: KFC is selling a sandwich in Omaha, and god knows where else, that serves as a bellwether for the current state and future hopes of America: Two patties of fried chicken as the “bread,” between which are various forms of cheese, two strips of bacon, and “Colonel’s Sauce” — likely a combination of butter, salt, and cum.

This is utterly transfixing, especially with the corporate secrecy. Fast-food companies are apparently selling INSANE specialties, under-the-counter, in specific “fat” regions of the country! Anyone from Alabama or Mississippi or wherever? Does your McDonald’s sell you like a NINE-patty deep-fried cheeseburger?

Necrovision DX10 crash on launch after update.

I found this solution on the forums to fix the issue where Necrovision DX10 crashes on launch after the update to v1.1.

just copy this atidxx32.dll into your folder where the .exe file is located.

this will solve the problem without installing catalyst 9.2

via DX10 crash on launch – Official 1C Company forum.

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How to make directories writable in Ubuntu or most other distribs

Re: How to make directories writable?

Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal


sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/lampp/ for example


sudo chmod -R (for recursive ((don’t type this))) 755 is a bit safer as it does not allow a folder to be world writable. What that’d look like without my mess is:

sudo chmod -R 755 /public_html/wp/etc/etc

Or if you are logged in via FTP as the user that owns the web folders then you would usually right click (if you’re using a graphical FTP client) on the file or folder and either add the writes where you want them or in some cases just type the 755/777 etc.

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Nextgen gallery

I must give thanks to Alex rabe for all the work he has put into his Gallery Plugin. I use it on most of my blogs and find it very easy to get up and running quickly. There are some limitations that I think are beginning to be addressed like the SEO aspect and adding some functionality for more than just a gallery, but an online inventory like CMS or a Zen/Uber/WP cart site without all the horrendous messing around with the first 2 anyways..

I will carry this post on over the day as I check out the new features of Nextgen gallery..

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And I found this.. re re-arming vista to use slmgr -rearm

go to regedit and search for the key : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionSL .

Than on the right hand you see SkipRearm. change the SkipRearm value to 1.

if you have done that you can use slmgr -rearm 8 more times .

so if you done the first time 3 times slmgr -rearm than you have 120 days .
than 8 more times is 240. 120 days + 240 days = 1 year .

I guess after using a couple shady vista activation bits to no good end it’s back to this trick.. this one lets you re-rearm a few more times .. anyway.. now my a/v and vista are fixed..hurray.. hehe

Note: it still mentions that I may be the victim of Software Counterfeiting and that just makes me feel *giggle* awful…

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SWIK post – eset a/v Security center login/pass

UserName: EAV-15424245
PassWord: st4chh8tkn
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

UserName: EAV-15102996
PassWord: kjmv34wx87
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

UserName: EAV-15310099
PassWord: ssnuvp685w
Version: EAV, 2.*

UserName: EAV-15524763
PassWord: hfphnntneh
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

UserName: EAV-15143959
PassWord: tjdu2wauw5
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

SWIK said that the first one fixed all their problems..;)

from: hxxp:// replace x’s

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