I had to post this ad for a book called ‘Exploiting Chaos’

I just love ‘Celebrate that nothing is precious’. That somewhat sums up my personal Zeitgeist. I would say the opposite as well, that everything is, but people don’t grasp ‘Everything’ the way i reckon I do.. big surprise, who thinks exactly alike? Cultmembers? Mormons?(no offense) jeez, as soon as I said Mormons I realized that i was persecuting them when there are so many mainstream religions that endeavour for their flock to think alike.. WOW. And government organizations too.. what is precious to people? i write off the materialists immediately. Material goods are the most solid objects thus the most coarse on a ‘Everything’ level. So is carbon monoxide more precious because of its’ gaseous form? I think I’m heading toward getting into the ‘God Particle’ maybe so i’ll shut up and enjoy the image. (and order the book).
“Celebrate that nothing is precious”
Exploiting ChaosExploiting Chaos Title

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